TBRC Photo Gallery

Images here may include review species, past review species, subspecies, unusual color morphs, cadaver specimens, and birds of special interest. All species on this list have either been reviewed or are pending review.

Variegated Flycatcher - Chuck Lorenz

The TBRC is now in partnership with the Texas Birds Archive - a TOS-sanctioned website managed by Jim Peterson whose goal is to archive photo-documentation at the regional level of all accepted Texas bird species, especially birds that are rare to a region or have unusual plumages. The site houses over 10,000 Texas bird images, 1000 videos, and several hundred range maps. Images and videos are sorted by bio-geographic region.

Texas Birds Archive

Red-billed Tropicbird - Garett Hodne

Welcome to our photo gallery of Texas rarities. Some of the following photographs have been selected from the Texas Photographic Records File (TPRF) held at Texas A&M University in College Station. Many of the newer digital images are stored online within the Texas Birds Archive. Some review species images here are from associated photographs that were not submitted to the TBRC but were believed taken of species that were reviewed.

The Gallery of Texas Rarities