Current Review Reports

Current Review Species Reports

Below is a list of Review Species reports over the past 90 days or so that the TBRC is tracking and/or seeking documentation on. If you have any documentation (photos, audio recordings and/or field notes) on these sightings or have a different sighting to report, please download, fill out a Rare Bird Report Form and e-mail it and any photos/recordings to the TBRC Secretary.

Color Key to entries:

Red = No documentation has been received; any photos and write-ups would be appreciated.

Yellow = some documentation received but more is needed to either document the bird over the entire period it is being reported and/or add better photos, audio recordings or notes.

Blue - bird being reported still and/or may still be present. Depending on the species, habitat, location, and birder coverage of the area, some records may remain open for several weeks after the last sighting in case the bird(s) are seen again.

Green - record has documentation for entire period bird(s) were present/reported and the bird(s) are presumed to no longer be in the area. These records will usually be circulated as their spot comes up in the queue.

Record Status - TBRC revi... reported in last 90 days