1998 Annual Meeting

1998 Annual Meeting

The 1998 annual meeting of the Texas Bird Records Committee was held at the Texas Cooperative Wildlife Collection, Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas, on Saturday, 3 October 1998. In attendance were


• Greg Lasley, Secretary

• Keith Arnold, Academician

• Willie Sekula

• Terry Maxwell

• Brush Freeman

• Mark Lockwood

TBRC members John Arvin, Martin Reid and Barry Zimmer were unable to attend the meeting. The meeting was convened at 9:12 a.m.

Election of Members

John Arvin has resigned from the TBRC after serving as chairman since 1993. This left the Chair and one other position vacant. Willie Sekula’s and Mark Lockwood’s 1st terms expired in the fall of 1998. This left three vacancies on the committee. There was one nomination for the Chair and three nominations for remaining two positions. Mark Lockwood was nominated for the chairmanship and Willie Sekula, Petra Hockey and Matt White were nominated for the two member positions. Lasley and Arnold were again nominated for the positions of Secretary and Academician. The nominees were voted upon by secret ballet. Lockwood was named Chairman and Sekula and Hockey filled the remaining positions.

Current membership and term of service are as follows:

• Mark Lockwood, Chair - Term expires fall 1999; can be re-elected

• Greg Lasley, Secretary - term is as listed for Chair

• Keith Arnold, Academician - term is as listed for Chair

• Martin Reid - 2nd term expires fall 2000

• Willie Sekula - 2nd term expires fall 2001

• Terry Maxwell - 1st term expires fall 1999; can be re-elected

• Barry Zimmer - 1st term expires fall 1999; can be re-elected

• Brush Freeman - 1st term expires fall 2000, can be re-elected

• Petra Hockey - 1st term expires fall 2001; can be re-elected

Fourth Round Records

1. 1994-41 Red-throated Loon.

Lake Tawakoni, Rains Co., 27 February 1994

accepted 6-0

2. 1994-72 Black Swift

Franklin Mountains, El Paso Co., 22 August 1985

accepted 6-0, species added to the presumptive list.

3. 1994-181 Red-necked Grebe

Corpus Christi, Nueces Co., 19-20 November 1994

unaccepted 4-2. (Arnold and Maxwell voted "No")

4. 1994-186 Curlew Sandpiper

Port Arthur, Jefferson Co., 24 November 1994

accepted 5-1 (Maxwell voted "No")

5. 1995-16 Northern Goshawk

near Sunray, Moore Co., 3 February 1995

accepted 6-0.

6. 1995-52 Northern Goshawk

Grand Prairie, Dallas Co., 18 March 1995

accepted 6-0.

Revision of Mailing Sequence

New mailing sequence is as follows:










Review Species Specimens Located

Lockwood continued to contact institutions to get listings of their Texas holdings. This search lead to the discovery of 6 additional specimens of review species that were not previously known to the TBRC. Lockwood (Lasley: second) moved that the committee accept the located specimens as accepted state records. The motion passed unanimously

Motion to Remove Tropical Kingbird and Clay-colored Robin from the list of Review Species

Lockwood (second: Maxwell) moved that Tropical Kingbird and Clay-colored Robin be removed from the review species list. Discussion of the current status of Tropical Kingbird in Cameron and Hidalgo counties followed the motion. Lockwood provided a listing of the number of accepted records since 1988. There was no disagreement about the removal of the species. The committee voted 6-0 to remove both species from the list. These birds, as with all species removed from the A list of review species, were placed on the B list.

Status of Eurasian Collared-Dove in Texas

Lasley provided background of the expansion of Eurasian Collared-Doves across the Southeastern United States. The species is now considered common in many areas of Louisiana, including Cameron Parish. Lockwood provided a map noting the thirty-five counties in which Eurasian Collared-Doves had been reported in Texas. The species has been reported as nesting in at least seven counties. The committee voted 6-0 to add Eurasian Collared-Dove to the state list as an introduced species.

Status of Trumpeter Swans originating from re-introduction activities in the Midwest

Lockwood discussed the acceptability of Trumpeter Swan records originating from the re-introduction currently underway in the Midwest. No motions were made, however the consensus of the committee was to retain the swan on the review list, but not review birds known to come from the Midwest introduction programs.

Review of TBRC Bylaws

The bylaws of the TBRC must be reviewed biannually. No committee member suggested changes to the bylaws and they were accepted in the current form.


There being no other formal business on the agenda, the meeting was adjourned at about 12:43 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Greg W. Lasley

Secretary, Texas Bird Records Committee