Species Not Yet Documented

Species not yet documented for Texas:

Birders unfamiliar to Texas may be forgiven if they assume that any common U.S. species that is not on the Review List does not require documentation (i.e. occurs regularly in Texas) - especially if it is found nearby or is a strong migrant. Some very common species are extremely rare or do not occur in Texas - for example, there is only one State record of Black-capped Chickadee (a specimen from the previous century). A careful analysis of the main list would reveal a few perhaps unexpected omissions, but to save you the trouble (and to encourage documentation) the results of such an analysis are presented here. 

Only species occurring regularly in any part of New Mexico are included (except ptarmigans), plus a few from the east coast and Arctic region that might be presumed to have occurred. 

Note: The following species may well have occurred in Texas; they are on this list because either a) no documentation has ever been presented to the TBRC, or b) thus far none of the presented documentation has met the standards for acceptance.