Rare Bird Online Submission Forms

TBRC Rare Bird Report Form

The TBRC has 2 different online forms that you can fill out and submit to report your Review Species sightings:

  • The preferred form is this one which allows you to upload attachments (photos, audio, copies of field notes, etc). To use this form, you will be asked to sign-in to your google account which will serve as the mechanism to temporarily hold your uploaded file(s) until they are downloaded by the TBRC.

  • If there are no attachments to include or you do not have a google account, please use this other form. You will be prompted to provide links to any photos or audios or can e-mail those separately to the TBRC Secretary.

If instead of the online form, you would prefer to fill your information in a document off-line and then e-mail it, you can download the TBRC Rare Bird Form and do that.

The TBRC accepts documentation in any format so you can also submit details in your own style of writing/delivery if you wish. The forms above do ask for a lot of those pertinent details that the TBRC uses to evaluate records so it is better to supply that sort of information regardless of how you submit it.

If you are unsure about what sort of information you'd like to include in the documentation or would like some guidance, please see How To Document Rare Birds.

All reports and any inquiries about this process can be e-mailed to the TBRC Secretary.