2011 Annual Meeting

2011 Annual Meeting

The 2011 annual meeting of the Texas Bird Records Committee (hereafter committee or TBRC) was held via conference call at 3:30 PM on 5 March 2011. Eric Carpenter arranged the conference call. In attendance were:


• Randy Pinkston, Chair

• Mark Lockwood, Secretary

• Keith Arnold, Academician

• Martin Reid

• Mary Gustafson

• Byron Stone

• Ron Weeks

• Tim Fennell

• Jim Paton


• Eric Carpenter

The meeting was convened at 3:35 PM.

Election of Members

Martin Reid’s first term expired at the end of the annual meeting. This left a single vacancy to be filled. Reid was elected to a second term. Lockwood resigned from the Secretary position effective at the end of the meeting. Eric Carpenter was nominated to fill this vacancy. Pinkston and Arnold were nominated for the positions of Chairman and Academician respectively. There were no other nominees for these position and all three were elected unanimously.

Current membership and term of service are as follows:

• Randy Pinkston, Chair - term expires in 2013; can be re-elected

• Eric Carpenter, Secretary - term expires in 2012; can be re-elected

• Keith Arnold, Academician - term is as listed for Secretary; can be re-elected

• Ron Weeks - 2nd term expires fall 2012

• Martin Reid – 2nd term expires fall 2014

• Tim Fennell - 1st term expires fall 2012, can be re-elected

• Mary Gustafson - 1st term expires fall 2012, can be re-elected

• Jim Paton - 1st term expires fall 2013, can be re-elected

• Byron Stone - 1st term expires fall 2013, can be re-elected

Regular Agenda Items

Fourth Round Records

1. 2009-108 Gray-crowned Yellowthroat

Cameron Co., 26 December 2009

accepted 9-0

Sequence of Members for Voting Tallies










Motion to Add Northern Shrike to the list of Review Species

Reid moved that Northern Shrike be added to the list of Review Species (Stone second). Discussion centered on the small number of observers in the Panhandle (primary distribution of the species in Texas), the possible effects of climate change on the occurrence of this species in the state, and the possible irruptive nature of occurrence as well. The motion was brought to a vote and failed (6-3). However, it was decided that it would be helpful to gather more information during the next year, including asking for documentation for eBird submissions and North American Birds reports in order to potentially have a better understanding of occurrence.

Motion to Add Pinyon Jay to the list of Review Species

Reid opened discussion of the current knowledge of Pinyon Jay occurrence within the state. The irruptive nature of the occurrence of the species in Texas was discussed and that the last incursion of Pinyon Jays was in the winter of 2002-2003. Lockwood mentioned that Pinyon Jays were formerly (1970s-mid 1980’s) annual in occurrence in the state. This was reflected in the exclusion of the species when the original list of Review Species was developed by Greg Lasley in 1986. The general lack of invasion years of montane species in general over the past decade was also discussed and if this might also be an effect of climate change. Reid moved (Lockwood second) that Pinyon Jay be added to the Review List and it was accepted unanimously.

Status of Cassin’s Finch in Texas

Reid brought before the Committee the desire to discuss the status of Cassin’s Finch in Texas. Paton, Lockwood and Carpenter provided background on occurrence in the Trans-Pecos. The consensus of these observers was that the species was only annual in the Guadalupe Mountains and likely so in very small numbers in the Davis Mountains. The question was brought as to whether climate change will also affect the occurrence of this species in the state, which seems likely. No motion was brought to the Committee concerning it review status.

TBRC website

Reid asked all members to review the website and provide feedback to him as the website administrator.


With no other formal business on the agenda, the meeting was adjourned at 4:12 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Mark W. Lockwood

Secretary, Texas Bird Records Committee