State List Additions Tracker

State Additions Tracker

This page provides a summary of the changes to the Texas State List since Annual Reports became available in 1987. Note that the changes are based on when the additions/deletions are published in the relevant Annual Report, rather than on when the individual records were first found or were accepted by the TBRC. A number of additions to the State List have occurred due to taxonomic splits. Some splits involve the creation of a new taxon while leaving the original taxon in place (e.g. Black-crested Titmouse), while some splits involve the deletion of an existing taxon and the creation of two or more new taxa (e.g. Whip-poor-will). Lumping can happen as well and taxon are lost when they merge or become part of another existing taxon. The "ADDED" and "LOST" columns include in brackets the number of additions/deletions excluding those due to splits and lumping.

**Note: current year totals are kept up to date but won't be final until the year is complete.**