2006 Annual Meeting

2006 Annual Meeting

During 2006 the Texas Bird Records Committee (hereafter committee or TBRC) did not hold a formal annual meeting. A brief agenda and high travel costs were the reasons behind this decision. The secretary developed an electronic agenda to substitute for the meeting.

Election of Members

Kelly Bryan's 2nd and Brad McKinney’s 1st term expired at the end of the annual meeting in 2006. This left two vacancies to be filled. McKinney was confirmed for his second term and Weeks was elected as a new voting member. Pinkston, Lockwood and Arnold were nominated for the positions of Chair, Secretary and Academician and re-elected.

Current membership and term of service are as follows:

• Randy Pinkston, Chair - term expires fall 2008; can be re-elected

• Mark Lockwood, Secretary - term expires in fall 2007; can be re-elected

• Keith Arnold, Academician - term is as listed for Secretary

• Mel Cooksey - 2nd term expires fall 2007

• Jim Paton - 2nd term expires fall 2008

• Brad McKinney - 2nd term expires fall 2009

• Willie Sekula - 1st term expires fall 2007, can be re-elected

• Eric Carpenter - 1st term expires fall 2007, can be re-elected

• Ron Weeks - 1st term expires fall 2009, can be re-elected

Regular Agenda Items

Fourth Round Records

1. 2005-44 Eurasian Wigeon

Starr Co., 22 February 2005

accepted 9-0

Revision of Mailing Sequence

New mailing sequence is as follows:










Motion to Remove Great Blue (White) Heron from the list of Review Species

Lockwood asked the committee to consider removing Great Blue (White) Heron from the Review List. The secretary initially asked the committee to add this "taxon" to the Review List in 2002 based on discussions that Brush Freeman was having with Paul Buckley. At the time Buckley was working a taxonomic treatment of Great Blue Herons and was of the opinion that Great White Heron was deserving of species status. However, the discovery of a photo in the Texas Photo Record File of dark and white nestlings in the same nest from Galveston County became a major question. This summer (2006) documentation was obtained of a second nest, this one from Aransas County, with a white and dark nestling from two dark morph adults. This further appears to demonstrate that the Great White Heron is in fact simply a color morph. Clearly the TBRC does not need to be reviewing records of color morphs of commonly occurring species. The occurrence of white-morph individuals will be noted in North American Birds. This motion was seconded by Carpenter and passed 9-0.

Motion to Remove Red-faced Warbler from the list of Review Species

Lockwood asked the committee to consider removing Red-faced Warbler from the Review List. Although there are only 36 accepted records (with one pending) of this taxon for the state, it is now clear that Red-faced Warblers are regular migrants through the Trans-Pecos in the spring and, more frequently, in the fall. The migration periods seem to be well defined with spring migrants passing through between late April and mid-May (records fall between 23 April and 16 May) and fall migrants primarily passing through from late July through late August (records fall between 23 July and 28 August). This motion was seconded by Sekula and passed 8-1 (Arnold dissenting).

There were no agenda items proposed for the meeting.

Respectfully submitted,

Mark W. Lockwood

Secretary, Texas Bird Records Committee