Other Lists

State List Additions Tracker

This table lists the additions to and deletions from the Texas State List (based on the Annual Reports) for each year that the TBRC has produced an Annual Report (since 1987). At the top are running totals for the list, additions, and deletions since 1987.

Species not yet documented for Texas

The primary purpose of this unofficial list is to educate birders unfamiliar with our avifauna about some common species that do not normally occur in Texas. The TBRC requests details on any record of a species on this list.

Specimens Not Located (SNL) List

This list comprises Review Species for which specimens, as cited in the available literature, have yet to be located. Thanks to the advent of the web and the increasing number of scientific collections being computerized, we've recently found references to many review species, the majority of which we had no prior knowledge of. However, we still need help locating the specimens that are left on this list.

Miscelleneous Statements List

This is a list of statments made by the TBRC about various subjects (e.g. unexpected species, potentially controversial records, consequences of recent splits, etc.)